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Tender Management

Product description

Tender management is a generic discipline where we contribute our detailed ICT knowledge: We know what we are talking of, technically, and we know what the market is able to deliver. And we listen to you. Therefore, our customers get the solution which best fits their needs.

In particular, we offer:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Market (supplier) analysis
  • Deriving the tender concept to receive the intended number of tenders to select from, and to achieve maximum flexibility for the contact negotiations
  • Production of the tender documents
  • Specification of market aware technical terms of reference allowing the vendors not only to be compliant but also to optimise their offer technically and commercially
  • Support during the tendering process, including contract negotiations (if any)
  • Evaluation of the tender results and recommendation for awarding the contract
  • In public tender procedures in Austria, accordance with public procurement law ("Bundesvergabegesetz")

If required, we later supervise the implementation process and run the acceptance tests, enforcing tender specifications to be met.

What makes this product special?

We listen to you. We are ICT experts an technically know what we are talking of. We are independent from any vendor or product oriented service provider, and we know the market - therefore we can pick the optimal solution for you.

Target customers

All those ICT users and operators having to follow public procurement law. All those organisations following a well defined procurement process targeting at receiving competetive offers from which to select the best solution transparently.

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