International Consultants Cutting Gordian ICT Knots


Independently from any vendor or network provider we offer innovative and high quality consultancy services for the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Current focus of our services is

  • Engineering, designing and optimising of ICT infrastructures (focus: broadband networks)
  • Planning and optimising of operations (incl. outsourcing)
  • Support for the development of document management systems (focus: legal information systems)
  • Generic services like the supply of expertise to ICT projects

Our services specifically address large enterprises with own ICT infrastructure (publically owned organisations, carriers, industrial enterprises). In the domain of e-government we support implementing specific areas of the official "ICT Master Plan" which are designed to pave the way of Austria to a leading position within the Information Society.

In some more detail, our focus includes the following services:

  • Preparing of studies, analyses and expert opinions
  • "Talk to the expert" as quick entry for analysing a specific ICT situation
  • Tender management, including the support of contract negotiations
  • Integrating of "security" into ICT infrastructures and their operation
  • Supervising of ICT implementations (including project management)

A particular strong point of our services is our customer centric process model, aiming at maximum customer satisfaction. 

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