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ICT-META Consulting EEIG is ...

... an international platform for consulting, research and development (R&D), established just recently (2007). The EEIG acts as an enterprise in the market, aggregating all its member companies (currently 5 in Austria, 1 in Hungary) in terms of know-how, human and financial resources.

ICT-META looks for ...

... financially sound ICT consulting SMEs with interest in common projects, in particular those governed by procurement law or specifically asking for consortia (e.g. various EU programs). Solution providers are welcome as members as well, using ICT-META to split off consultancy services, complementing own core business.

ICT-META membership requires...

... willingness to work as a member of a group, accepting the fact that group benefit prevails individual benefit.

... availability of qualified own resources for staffing of group projects

... preparedness to invite group members for participating in own projects

... meeting straightforward qualification criteria (like technical competency and commercial soundness)

ICT-META offers ...

... access to projects which usually are out-of-reach for a typical SME, meeting formal requirements (size of company, turnover) of public tenders in particular, including calls of the EU requiring a consortium.

... a pool of known and proven resources within the group for integration in own projects.

... access to the markets of the members.

... an additional channel for promoting own capabilities.

... a possibility to commercialise R+D results.

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